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🎓🌟 Exciting Achievement in Mental Health Research at AAPsychiatry! 🌟🎓

    We’re overjoyed to share that Dr. John Capps, a dedicated member of our AAPsychiatry team, has been nominated for the prestigious Outstanding Dissertation Award by the UTEP Psychology Department. His dissertation used data from our clinic to model TMS response. 🥳

    🔬Dissertation Overview:

    • Title: “Demographic and Clinical Variables Associated with Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation Response in Depression: A Growth Mixture Modeling Study”
    • Focus: Examining the effectiveness and response patterns of TMS in treating depression.
    • Link to Dissertation: Read Full Dissertation

    📊Key Findings:

    • Three Classes of Response: Identifies distinct groups of individuals based on their response to TMS treatment.
      • High Treatment Response Rate: The study showed a 69.5% treatment response rate, with 198 out of 300 participants experiencing a 50% or greater change in their PHQ-9 scores.
      • Significant Remission Rates: Approximately 47% (134 participants) achieved remission, indicated by PHQ-9 scores dropping below 5.
    • Tailored Treatment Plans: Offers insights for personalized of TMS treatment in future studies.
    • Enhanced Understanding of TMS: Contributes significantly to TMS research, improving future depression treatments.

    👏  Join us in congratulating Dr. Capps on this remarkable achievement!🧠💡

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