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Neuropsychological Testing

Neuropsychological testing is an assessment that screens for cognitive difficulties. It tests mental functions, like attention, memory,  processing speed, reasoning, and executive function. It’s an important step in the diagnosis and treatment of conditions which may affect cognition.

One tool we use is the Central Nervous System Vital Signs (CNS VS). The CNS VS is a computerized neuropsychological test, which uses various computer tasks to index your brain performance. Remember, it’s not a pass-or-fail issue; it’s all about understanding your cognitive functioning.

CNS Vital Signs Neurocognitive Testing Report displaying percentile ranks and standard scores across various cognitive domains

Neuropsychological testing is not intended to be definitive. It is a tool that we use in conjunction with information from your medical and mental health history to get a comprehensive picture of your cognitive health.

Understanding Your Insurance's Coverage

Some insurance providers offer coverage for neuropsychological testing. Our team will work closely with your health insurance benefits, manage any necessary pre-authorizations, and ensure you are fully informed about your coverage and costs prior to your appointment.

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Your insurance may cover psychological testing based upon completion of a psychiatric evaluation. Therefore, a psychiatric evaluation but must be completed before completing any psychological testing. The option of only completing neuropsychological testing is available via self pay options but must include a follow up appointment to review results. Total self pay price is $400 – includes testing and followup appointment.

What to expect during your Neuropsychological Testing Appointment

While every patient’s care is personalized, here’s what to expect during your psychological appointment.  

Before Your Appointment

Login to the patient portal and complete the required psychological testing consent form.

The night before your appointment, try to get a good night’s sleep – coming well rested will make sure we have an accurate picture of your mental health. When you come to your appointment, make sure to bring your glasses or hearing aid if you use these. 

During Your Appointment

The evaluation takes about 60 minutes, depending on your specific mental health condition and concerns.

Come well rested and with glasses or hearing aids, if required.  The trained testing technician will guide you though the entire testing process. 

The CNS VS test involves completing computerized tasks which involve memorizing words and imaging, making decisions based on rules, and paying attention for extended periods of time. There will be a testing technician making sure that you are comfortable and understand each task in order to get the best assessment of your current cognitive functioning. 

Once finishing the assessment, you will then schedule your follow-up appointment. 

Follow-Up Appointment

During your followup appointment, your  provider will review your results, discuss recommendations, and determine which treatment options are best for you. You will be provided with a copy of results.

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