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Areas of Expertise

Healing the mind is critical to healing the heart. The Mind is the most powerful organ that dictates how the rest of the body will follow! That is why our slogan is Healing Minds Helping Hearts! You can’t have a healthy heart without a healthy mind.

Treatment for Mood, Anxiety, PTSD Disorders

Psychiatric conditions affect 25% or 1 out of every 4 Americans in any given year. Anxiety disorders (Panic Disorder, Generalized, Social Anxiety) affect 18% of Americans yearly. Mood (Depression, Dysthymia, Bipolar) disorders come in second at 9%. PTSD affects 7.8% of Americans with a higher presence in women (10.4%) than men (5%). These conditions can be treated with various approaches. Seeking help and understanding what is out there in treatment is the first step.

Gero-psychiatric Disorders

The elderly (65 years and older) is the fastest growing age group in society. Ten thousand Americans turn 65 years old every day. Mood, Anxiety, PTSD and Dementias are no strangers to this age group. I have been treating this age group in inpatient and outpatient settings for years, utilizing the least restrictive pharmacological approaches, while including the family, support system and other providers. I believe in keeping this age group as active and healthy!

Military -Active Duty, Dependents, and Veterans

Servicemen, dependents and Veterans deal with specific issues unique to this population. I have had the pleasure of working with this group for over 10 years, in military, non-profit and private inpatient and outpatient settings. Understanding the culture, issues and challenges this population faces is critical to the success of treatment.

Substance Use Disorders

The treatment of substance use disorders with pharmacological treatments in conjunction with AA, NA, Celebrate Recovery or other programs are critical to a life a sobriety and recovery. Acceptance, motivation for recovery and support are needed to successfully live a sober life. I have treated many individuals with medications and treating underlying psychiatric conditions. Come in for an evaluation!

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Our Approach

We have assembled a first class team of providers that believe in providing exceptional patient care to our patients by offering the latest treatment modalities in the most individualized manner. Utilizing a Systems and Holistic approach to treatment, we are sensitive to every individuals needs and preferences. Optimal patient outcomes can only be obtained by evaluating the relationships between mental health, physiological illnesses, mind, spiritual, body, exercise, diet, medications, and illicit substances. Discussing and recommending the latest available treatments is crucial to our practice. Our electronic medical record (Advanced MD) allows patients and us to have quick access to records and medication history from any location. Medication prescribing and refills are all done electronically to your pharmacy.

​​We want to offer the “whole menu” of services, not just the “traditional appetizers.” These treatments include psychotherapy, medication management, referral management, and latest treatments for Depression. Referrals to Partial Hospitalization Program or Inpatient Services, where I can continue to treat you, can also be made, as clinically necessary. We offer Transmagnetic Stimulation (TMS) therapy* which provides a non-pharmacologic (no medicines) approach for the treatment of depression. ​ We are also a Spravato-REMS designated treatment clinic. This is the most recent approved treatment for depression. In addition, referrals for Electro-convulsive Treatment can be made for those suffering from treatment resistant depression and/or psychosis.

We are passionate about our services and are here to provide you with the best evidenced-based practices considering your acute or chronic illness. El Paso and neighboring cities are our hometowns and we pride ourselves in improving the mental health of patients in our great cities!!