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Psychiatric Evaluation

Psychiatric Evaluation

A psychiatric evaluation is a clinical interview that takes place during the initial visit to a psychiatrist. Its goal is to learn about your history, develop a psychiatric diagnoses, and develop a personalized treatment plan.

"It's the first step in getting psychiatric care and getting you or your loved one on the path to wellness."

Our providers, Alfredo Arellano & Eduardo Mariscal, are experienced mental health nurse practitioners who conduct psychiatric evaluations for adolescents, adults, and older adults here in El Paso, Fort Bliss, and the surrounding area. 

What to expect during a Psychiatric Evaluation

During the evaluation, our providers, Alfredo Arellano & Eduardo Mariscal, will first make certain that no other physical conditions which may be causing the symptoms that prompted you to seek treatment. During a psychiatric evaluation, our providers will ask you a series of questions and explore your personal situation. This will help your provider understand why you’ve decided to come in and what symptoms you’ve been experiencing. A typical psychiatric evaluation session may last 60 to 90 minutes. However, the duration varies from person to person. Our providers will ask about many different areas of your life. Below are some common areas that they evaluate. 

Common Areas of Evaluation




Types of Testing

Sometimes neuropsychological, psychological, or EEG testing may be required, depending on the symptoms you are experiencing. Your provider will schedule you for the necessary testing during your evaluation. These tests help them better diagnose any conditions, create a treatment plan, and monitor treatment response.

Neuropsychological Testing

We use Computerized Neurocognitive Screening to provide an objective report on cognitive functioning and performance (Memory, Attention, Processing Speed, Working Memory, etc.).


We use the Millon Clinical Inventory (MCMI-IV) to provide information on personality traits and common psychiatric disorders. Other tests provide critical information used for diagnosis & treatment planning.

Electroencephalogram (EEG) Testing

EEG testing measures brain wave activity during alert /drowsy states to evaluate cognitive/memory deficits, attention, inattention disorders, traumatic brain injury and personalize rTMS treatments.

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