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New Life New Year Without Addiction

Addiction Recovery


Neuromodulation (TMS)


Pharmacological Aids


Therapy & Support


Lifestyle Behavior Change





Target the underlying causes of Relapse & Delay in Recovery

TMS uses electromagnetic pulses to cause short-term changes in cortical excitability. Over multiple sessions this changes and resets brain networks.

Depression & Anxiety

TMS activates the dorsal lateral pre-frontal cortex (DLPFC) and create stronger brain networks with multiple other areas leading to better mood, less anxiety, better concentration, etc. This helps not only relieve anxiety and depression symptoms but makes individuals able to exert more control over there emotions, judgement, and decision making.Β 

Addiction & Cravings

TMS helps reset networks hijacked by alcohol/drugs/food and cravings. It acts on networks involved in decision making and aids in breaking habits and the feelings associated with the substance use. TMS reactivates and strengthens healthy networks aiding inΒ  motivation and emotional processing.Β