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What is Neuronavigation and how does it benefit TMS treatment?

    Do you or someone you know struggle with depression or anxiety? Are traditional treatments not working? Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) therapy might be the innovative treatment you need. And now, with the addition of neuronavigation and EEG technology, TMS therapy can be even more effective and personalized to your individual needs.

    What is TMS Therapy?

    TMS therapy is a non-invasive treatment for depression and other psychiatric disorders that involves the use of magnetic fields to stimulate specific regions of the brain. TMS is often used when other treatments, such as medications and talk therapy, have failed to provide relief.

    How Does Neuronavigation Benefit Patient Care in TMS Therapy?

    Neuronavigation is a specialized technology that allows for the precise and accurate targeting of specific areas of the brain. With neuronavigation, TMS clinicians can create a 3D map of your brain and use it to guide the magnetic coil to the precise location for stimulation. This ensures that the targeted area is consistently stimulated with high accuracy, leading to improved treatment outcomes and a more comfortable treatment experience.

    Benefits of Neuronavigation for Patient Care in TMS Therapy

    • Improved accuracy: Neuronavigation ensures that the targeted area is consistently stimulated with high accuracy, leading to improved treatment outcomes and reducing the number of required treatment sessions.
    • Personalized treatment: With the help of EEG technology, neuronavigation can create a personalized treatment plan tailored to your individual brain anatomy and specific needs. This can lead to better treatment outcomes, reduced side effects, and an overall more comfortable treatment experience.
    • Increased safety: Neuronavigation reduces the risk of stimulating the wrong area of the brain, leading to a safer and more comfortable treatment experience for patients.
    • Cost-effective: With improved treatment outcomes and reduced treatment time, neuronavigation can save patients time and money in the long run.

    Why Choose a Clinic That Offers Neuronavigation for TMS Therapy?

    If you’re considering TMS therapy for depression or anxiety, it’s important to choose a clinic that offers the latest technology to ensure the most effective and personalized treatment. Alfredo H. Arellano Psychiatric and TMS Clinic is a clinic that offers neuronavigation and EEG technology to provide patients with the most comfortable, precise, and effective treatment experience.

    At Alfredo H. Arellano Psychiatric and TMS Clinic, we specialize in TMS therapy and provide personalized care to patients aged 12-100+. Our bilingual providers, Alfredo H. Arellano, PMHCNS-BC, and Eduardo Mariscal, PMHNP-BC, use a client-centered approach alongside innovative psychiatric science to provide the best care to the El Paso, Fort Bliss, and the surrounding community.

    If you’re interested in learning more about TMS therapy with neuronavigation, contact Alfredo H. Arellano Psychiatric and TMS Clinic to schedule a consultation and experience the benefits of this innovative treatment for patient care.

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